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A Maldivian hero has been abducted. A lover of history, Maldivian culture, poetry, folklore and humour. A writer, a journalist, an irreplaceable friend. An irrepressible advocate of human rights, and a stubborn enemy of injustice.One of the earliest, and most popular online bloggers in the Maldives. An entertaining, informative online personality. An endless reservoir of empathy and a relentless supporter of the downtrodden. Ahmed Rilwan isn’t with us today. Help find him.



Yesterday night, two weeks ago, was the last time anyone saw Ahmed Rizwan Abdulla, 28-year-old journalist, blogger, human rights advocate and all-round great person.

A lot—yet nothing—has happened since Rizwan was reported missing to the Maldives Police Service (MPS) on 13 August.

On 15 August Rizwan’s family and friends organised a search of Hulhumale’, the island neighbouring Male’ on which Rizwan lives on his own. Starting with the desolate, deserted areas—-of which there are many—-the search party combed the whole island. It was in vain..

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“Waking up to read news that a well-known writer and blogger is missing, is news to me. It is distressing news to me. I have read moyameehaa ever since I started my blogging journey. I have never been as outspoken as him, but almost all of his writings reflects my thoughts and my beliefs. I have never spoken to moyameehaa and I don’t recall commenting on his blog much.” [Read more on Amira’s blog]



“it would be better this day is marked as the national day of humanity or ‘insaaniyyathu kamunge dhuvas’.It would be better if we rembered the victims rather than remebering the waves or how the Maldivians responded to the catastrophe.Lets make the lives of the victims better ..”
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