The Daily Panic is the last remaining bastion of journalistic integrity in the Maldives – no easy feat, considering we have exactly zero journalists on our payroll.

In fact, we just cross checked and verified from multiple independent sources that we don’t even have a payroll. We also have reason to believe that the whole operation is actually run by just one lone blogger, who refers to himself in third person – often in plural – to sound all important and official-like.

The Daily Panic shall always strive towards serving you the latest in journalistic excellence. However, the following ground rules still apply:

a) All the original written content on this website including the opinion pages – especially the opinion pages are verified to be absolutely correct and beyond all reproach. While you are perfectly welcome to disagree with us, we can’t imagine why you would choose to be so wrong.

b) The Daily Panic reserves the right to reject, print, publish, rip into and obliterate any comments posted on this website. The Editor also lays claim to absolute ownership over your emails, your soul, your wife, your kids and anything else you happen to send our way.

c) In the interests of free speech and debate, The Daily Panic will not generally censor readers’ comments – unless they’re needlessly abusive or spammy in nature. We assume no responsibility, nor take any credit or blame for such comments.

d) At The Daily Panic, we relentlessly pursue the harsh truths, the murky details and the occasional threesomes, but we understand that such truths may not be appropriate for all audiences. Please read at your own risk.

e) The Daily Panic articles are a mix of serious commentary and satire. The tone of the articles is frequently irreverent and may contain some strong language. Once again, reader discretion is advised!


– Editor,
The Daily Panic