But why?

RiyazWondersFair question.

After all, the last blog was doing just fine wasn’t it? People were reading it and everything. Why do I need to abandon it all and start from scratch?

Well. Between just you and me, it’s not entirely a fresh start.

I intend to occasionally recycle some old posts now and then. Sharp eyed readers would notice that I’ve sneakily lifted entire sentences from my previous disclaimer page, lazily reworded bits of it, and put them up here in the vain hopes that nobody would actually notice. But alas. Nothing escapes my vigilant readers. An early blot on the otherwise spotless record of this fearless newspaper.

But that’s really sort of the point. A news portal.

With The Daily Panic, I hope to cover and comment upon the news, satirize the frequently unsatirizable politics of Maldives, and also provide a platform to capture and highlight the diversity of Maldivian opinion – especially content from other blogs and non-mainstream sources.

Since all of the above is quite a departure from the normal tone and content of my previous blog, I decided perhaps it was best to start afresh. (Also, this way if I end up doing a completely rubbish job, I’ll pretend to have no knowledge of any of this and deny absolutely everything)

So dear reader. Expect nothing but the unfiltered truth, the sickening facts, the gruesome details, and – because this is the Maldives – the painfully obvious.

As for the title of this website, hardly a day goes by in the Maldives without someone doing something incomprehensibly idiotic or horrifying. Thus, the title sort of chose itself (It was shorter than: ‘Maldives: You can’t make this shit up!”)

There you have it, folks. The story behind The Daily Panic, the Maldives’ only news website.