Sheikh Imran spreading Christianity

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It appears that “Sheikh” Imran of the Adhaalath party has proclaimed on a television program that Raajje TV’s logo depicts a crucifix.For those of you who don’t get the significance, I have previously pointed out that Maldivians are the world’s truest Christians. Due to an unfortunate medieval accident involving Jesus, a treadmill and a flux capacitor, Maldivians have been left extraordinarily sensitive to Christian symbols. It is believed that the mere act of looking at a cross could potentially leave most of us irrevocably Christianized.

Shit. You’re now a Christian.

The average human might not be able to easily discern the Holy Cross so cleverly disguised as the seemingly harmless Thaana letter ‘raa’ that forms the RaajjeTV logo seen above, but hey, isn’t that what we have the Adhaalath scholars for?

The Adhaalath mullah’s implication, of course, is that the MDP-leaning TV channel – and by association the MDP itself – is somehow ‘Christian’, and thus aiming to destroy Islam, but don’t worry citizens! DE ADHAALATHZ WILL PROTECT DE ISLAMZ!

But this raises new fears. Where else might the hidden cross be similarly lurking, just waiting for a chance to pounce upon unsuspecting good Muslims like us?

You know where I am going.

As seen above, for the first time, clear evidence has now emerged that Sheikh Imran is deviously plotting to undermine the Maldives’s Islamic identity and trying to import Christianity under the guise of being an Islamic scholar.

I dread to imagine the sheer number of young Maldivians he has turned over to the dark side by subliminally using the cross so cleverly hidden within his own name.

By association, I now have reason to suspect the entire Adhaalath party, which has appointed this rather obvious hidden-in-plain-sight Christian as their President and leader. Truly, this band of bearded Christian missionaries are out to demolish our 100% Muslim society.


Pastor Imran: Sneakily pointing at the heavenly father
I’m now absolutely certain that if the cops were to raid the windowless headquarters of the Adhaalath Party, they would recover bibles, used condoms and gallons of wine. Lord alone knows what unmentionable contraband they might have stashed inside the Islamic Ministry, or as they now call it, “Male’ City Church”.

I have already said before that if Islam is to survive in the Maldives, the Adhaalath party and its band of fake clerics need to be chased out.

And now, my case has become even stronger.


First published on 3rd April 2012

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