The Daily Panic

5 sociological concepts that every Maldivian should know

By Hani Amir

The legacy of Maumoon’s dictatorship is clear in the insistence by most Maldivians that the Maldives is “100% Muslim”. This is maintained by the Maldivian constitution (the structure) and how it restricts the freedom of consciousness (in other words the agency) of Maldivians by stating that all citizens are required to be Muslims .

How is this useful practically though? Well for instance one could analyse the influence of structure and agency on the suicide of Ismail Mohamed Didi, a 25 year old atheist who committed suicide after being refused asylum. What structures of Maldivian society drove him to the decision to take his life? Was his dramatic death, hanging himself off the airport control tower of a nation so reliant on tourists, a final scream demonstrating his autonomy? [Read More on Hani Amir’s blog]

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